Nepali Businessmen's Association Belgium


Warm greetings to all members

NEBAB publicly declared its Plan of Action 2018-2021 during the handover and installation ceremony held on 14th January 2018 at the Hotel National in Antwerp.

1. We, in a spirit of Patriotism, intend to attract more tourists to Nepal. In order to facilitate this, we have decided to distribute flyers, stickers and audio-visual promotional material to Nepalese enterprises throughout the country. We have also decided to participate in every major trade fair and expo to promote the tourism industry in Nepal.

2. We are also going to redesign our existing website within the next 6 months.

3. The Info-Desk is to be improved to make it more compatible with Smartphone apps privileged to Nepalese entrepreneurs.

4. We will negotiate a reduction in commission and an improvement in the terms and conditions of our arrangements with 

5. We will continue to collect and refine our data to make it even more accurate and compatible with the GDPR rules and regulations.

6. All general members are to receive a membership card with a QR code.

7. NEBAB will continue to provide discounts to all its members who are taking advantage of the single door policy for insurance, accountancy, real-estate, suppliers, etc., a small part of the commission will be invested in NEBAB.

8. We will introduce a help-desk (white cross) to support and assist our members. 

9. We will organize fundraising events, charity dinners, and workshops.

10. We will create and develop an environment which encourages Nepalese entrepreneurs to invest in SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)

11. We will organise various educational workshops to help Nepalese entrepreneurs develop their business skills. 

12. The majority of Nepalese businessmen are involved in the Sushi Restaurant business.  Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of skilled sushi chefs.  In order to fill these vacancies, Nebab will arrange the provision of effective training workshops.

13. We will organise food festivals in various cities across Belgium in order to introduce and promote Nepalese cuisine.

14. We will introduce a welfare project for Nepal.

15. We will help to introduce and provide information to all sorts of individuals and corporations about Nepalese products in Europe.

16. Our vision is to develop the production and sale of Nepalese products within the European market.  We will organise an interactional theme seminar in cooperation with the Nepalese Embassy. This will be conducted together with all concerned in order to discuss the potential of this new and exciting market.