(NEBAB Help-desk)
Sometimes, we encounter problems but are unable to ascertain exactly what is wrong.  We then ask our friends, a lawyer or an accountant for help. However, most of the time, it is difficult to explain the nature of the problem to them because we do not understand or know how to use the necessary professional terms and phrases.  We may use them erroneously, without even being aware of it. In situations such as this, our team of experts will be able to help you with your problem or refer you to the correct professional.

 NEBAB Help-desk consists of a group of experts concerned with the welfare of our members. There are currently three of these groups, which we call “segments.”

Segment 1
This is a group of experts formed from within our community. Each member has had at least a decade of experience in running or managing a business.
Every member has a firm grasp of English, Dutch or French. 
When a problem is submitted to NEBAB, we first discuss it and try to find a solution. 
 If the problem is not resolved by this segment, it is referred to Segment 2.

Segment 2
The second segment will consist of a few professionals (supporters, accountants or other experienced professionals who are not a part of the NEBAB community).

Having examined the case carefully, they will either advise you to follow your current course of action or refer you to a suitable professional. If they are unable to come to a conclusion as to how to proceed, they will refer the matter to the third and final segment.

Segment 3
Segment 3 consists of a group of accountants, lawyers, advocates, and other professionals. You may be referred to our well-known law or accountancy partnership. 
Don’t despair! We work with rental contract solicitors, employment rights lawyers, bankruptcy experts, family lawyers and experts in the fields of fraud. 
Be advised that if your problem is referred to this segment, you may be required to pay an honorarium to cover part of the cost of these professional services. 
How do you submit your problem?
You will usually not want your problem to become public knowledge because you want to maintain your dignity, privacy and self-respect, or perhaps for other personal reasons.
In order to help you, we have three options.

Option 1
You can communicate your problem to just one of our Help-desk members who will agree to keep you incognito throughout the process.  This prevents other Help-desk members from obtaining such information.

Option 2
If Option 1 is unsuitable, you may mail a letter to us and we will proceed from there.

Option 3
If you believe that it is the type of problem which any member could encounter, please let us know by any means of communication. We can then ascertain the seriousness of the matter, remember that if something can be measured, it can be managed!