Goals & Objectives of NEBAB


Mutual awareness and benefit

Being connected with the association has significant benefits. For example: if members have problems with a particular company or person, and make us aware of it, we circulate this information among our members. This helps them avoid similar problems. Also, we share information about where to find goods and services at the lowest possible cost.

A social hub to meet like-minded people.

It is often difficult to find people with similar values and goals. The association enables such people to meet each other and establish pleasurable and profitable friendships.

Inspire more potential businessman to start the business.

As we said, this association is a hub for all business-related persons. If you have a strong desire to transform yourself into a businessman, the association will help you to get involved in the business. You may find yourself held back by an obstacle you find insurmountable, but we at the association will help you to overcome it and move forward.

A platform to exchange information and experiences

Being a businessman, we make decisions frequently. Sometimes our decisions lead us into difficulties and bitter experiences. Exchanging information about our experiences during our business journey sometimes helps less experienced businessmen to avoid making similar errors..

Trade opportunities

Trade opportunities do not come to you, you must find them. There is nowhere better to discover new opportunities than at our association. The only thing you must do is to get involved.

Exchange of information regarding business culture between companies.

The world is changing quickly and every business has own culture (Here culture means: internal management, strategy, rules and regulations, discipline, and the factors that make your business more competitive. You can learn from other companies or amend your recent rules to match.

For better bargaining power to deal with third parties.

A united business group has more negotiating power when dealing with other businesses: working together enhances the possibilities of achieving greater success.

To strengthen and improve the image of Nepal in Belgian society.

We have been able to establish a large number of businesses over the last 20 years. We have been able to achieve this as a result of hard work, perseverance, and persistence. A few years ago, we were the employees, but now we are also employers.

To enhance the image of Nepal as a prosperous nation.